Wolfgang Krause

The hunting gun is not only a tool for every hunter, but it also represents and signifies an object of cultural and historical heritage. Very often, the gunsmith was both a craftsman with his hands and tools, and an artist in his mind and heart. It is indeed a sensation to hunt with quality guns which were made with passion and skilful handcraft which ended up in the possession and display cabinets of many sportsmen around the world including famous people and aristocrats. It is pertinent to observe that these guns, some of them considered masterpieces, are icons of our history and tradition and, therefore, no distinction is necessary when the gun was made by Sauer & Sohn, Greifelt, Simson or Merkel from Suhl, Krieghoff, Collath, or another famous gun maker. Every gun reveals its own character and personality with different features such as: with or without side locks; the type of fine-looking wood and finish selected; and the style and pattern of the exquisite engravings.

It is my pleasure to find these special guns and to bring them to their best possible condition. All of them have witnessed an era including two world wars, they could have been hidden or buried, or they were captured by Allied troops who took them home as war souvenirs. Now, they are waiting for connoisseurs to return them again to their intended use. Good hunting!
Yours Wolfgang Krause

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Catalogue no.: 208

o/u cape gun that belonged to General Field Marshal Keitel made in 1920

o/u rifle shotgun combination made by Kettner-Suhl, Engravings: Standard, incl. Scope Hensoldt 4x32

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